Exhaust System


Our vehicles need air filtration systems because they (and the other cars around us) emit exhaust gases while they’re running. These gasses are an unfortunate byproduct of our cars’ operation, we can limit their impact on the environment and our health with a properly functioning exhaust and emission control system.

If your vehicle seems to be having exhaust problems, we invite you to contact us today. For  years, our trusted car repair professionals have been changing the way customers experience automotive service. We’re committed to an honest, transparent approach that empowers our customers to make informed decisions about the health of their vehicles.

Your Exhaust System and Its Possible Problems

When people think of a car’s exhaust system, they usually think of the muffler. But there are other components to the exhaust system, and over the years, automakers have developed more and more sophisticated ways to increase efficiency, reduce noise, and limit emissions. Your exhaust system includes your muffler, piping, and a catalytic converter, which reduces pollution. Generally speaking, exhaust systems are resilient, and problems that arise with them are often a sign that something else in the vehicle isn’t working properly. Still, it’s important to be vigilant about possible exhaust problems.

Signs of an exhaust system or muffler problem include

    • Excessive loud noises while driving
    • Engine misfires
    • Gasoline odors
    • Decrease in acceleration or power
    • Decrease in fuel efficiency

Our certified technicians are well versed in exhaust and muffler problems and the latest methods of remedying them. We work with both sound-absorbing mufflers and baffled chambered mufflers, and we can handle the exhaust problems that are common among all major makes and models. We can also diagnose engine skipping and other troubles that could lead to a costly replacement of your catalytic converter. No matter what exhaust problem you’re facing, our team is ready to help get your vehicle back into tip-top shape.

When servicing your vehicle, we always provide you an upfront summary of everything that needs to be fixed, including a parts and labor cost-breakdown. Your vehicle repairs are always your choice, and we will never do anything without your consent.

Don’t let an exhaust problem develop into something worse. Call us today to make an appointment.