Automotive Repair Estimates


Our goal is to become your partner for all of your automotive care. Whether you’re visiting one of our nationwide locations for a simple oil change, or you come to us because you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, our automotive technicians and service team members will be by your side throughout the life of your car or truck.

Why We’re Different

While you may have experienced uncomfortable automotive repair shops in the past, with technicians who’ve tried to upsell you parts and service you don’t need, you can rest assured that we’re different. We are committed to the Nice Difference, which means we will never recommend unnecessary parts or service, and we will never do anything to your vehicle without your consent. Our team members will walk you through every diagnosis, repair, and part cost with transparent explanations as to why they’re needed. This allows you to be in control to make informed decisions about your automotive repair.

Our Repair Estimate Process

When you bring your car or truck to us for a diagnosis, our goal is the same as yours: to get you back on the road again as safely and quickly as possible. That’s why our automotive technicians are equipped with a variety of manufacturer diagnostic tools. We don’t want you to have to wait around for the right equipment before getting answers.

Once we have an understanding of what is wrong with your vehicle, we don’t leave you in the dark. Our experienced service team members will thoroughly and transparently explain the entire situation to you–from problem to price–so that you understand our service recommendation(s). We don’t seek out the quickest or cheapest solution. We will always recommend the most thorough and safe repair options, and not just a patch job for symptoms.

Now picture your tires as your car’s shoes. Just like the points of a pair of heels, the tire rubber is the only part that actually touches the ground. Even subtle discrepancies in alignment can cause lasting damage to your vehicle’s health and handling ability, and force you to steer more carefully in otherwise safe conditions. If a vehicle is not properly aligned, some joints and mechanisms are forced to do too much work, while others aren’t used at full capacity, eventually requiring costly repairs.

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If you’re having vehicle trouble, or simply need routine service, book an appointment today. We will diagnose the problem efficiently, and walk you through all of your repair options. We will get you and your car back on the road as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today.